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Recruiter? While I value recruiters I am not interested whatever the position(2016).
I will update this if/ when I am looking. If you email or call me you have not read this.

I am head of quality and senior quality engineer at EverQuote, and a leader in the quality community.
I lead junior engineers, our local quality meetup and I present at national conferences.
My preferred technologies for Automation are Ruby, RSpec and Selenium through Capybara.
I have worked extensively with Rails on Rails applications for several years and when learning Rails I initially created 9 personal applications to develop my skills.
I have a passion for new technology and using it to provide users with practical solutions to their needs.
I'm also a Stack Overflow fan as I enjoy learning and sharing knowlede, plus I also spend quality time on Software Quality Asurance and Testing.
Though I consider myself a proud geek, my friends, colleagues and co-workers tell me that my greatest asset is my attitude and proven experience by working well with both technical and business users and understanding the needs of each.
At Everquote I use Ruby-Capybara, Selenium and GhostInpsector for View testing, Git for Source Control, jQuery for Javascript, Vim for editing and OSX for my desktop (personally I use Ubuntu). I'll break out shell scripts, sed scripts and other tools as needed.
My recent QE and Rails development adds to 10+ years of production experience in analysis, design and development on a wide variety of platforms, databases, languages and tools.


To provide users with useful and innovative solutions.
To learn from others while sharing my own extensive knowledge, skills and experience.
To do the above in a fun, relaxed, environment, focused on the work with no big egos.


Github: https://github.com/durrantm
Blog: http://durrantm.wordpress.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/durrantm
Resume: http://michaeldurrant.com/resume.html
Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/631619/michael-durrant


June 2015 - current   EverQuote, Cambridge MA
Leader of Quality and Senior Quality Engineer
Working as the first Quality Engineer and introducing best practices to Everquote.
Writing automated tests at Unit and Functional UI levels using Ruby, RSpec, Capybara and Selenium.
Performing Manual and Exploratory testing.
Hiring and training junior engineers and interns (who tend to return).

Nov 2013 -June 2015   Zipcar, Boston MA
Senior Quality Engineer
Worked on a variety of Rails applications that are used for Car Sharing.
Created Unit, Integrated, Performance and Load regression tests and performed Manual and Exploratory testing using Ruby, RSpec, Capybara, Selenium and Site Prism.
Used Jira and Trello for issue tracking, Fisheye for code review and Jenkins for the CI environment.

Jul 2012 - Oct 2013   The District Management Council, Boston MA
Rails Developer & QA Specialist
Worked on a variety of Rails applications that help school districts manage their resources and schedule their staff for both General and Special Education. Worked to develop new functionality and also to QA all development effort as the single QA engineer at the company. Used jQuery, Rails versions 3.2.11 and tools such as git for the DVCS, Selenium and Rspec for testing and Pivotal Tracker for project tracking

Jan 2011 - Jul 2012   Boston Agile Partners, Cambridge MA
Rails Developer
Worked on a variety of client (Rails) applications, from a Hospital Survey tool to a Salesforce assistant to a Real Estate application. Worked to develop new functionality and convert poorly engineered applications to more standard RESTful simple code. Using mostly jQuery and Rails versions 2.3.8, 2.3.11, 3.0.3, 3.1 and 3.2 and tools such as git for DVCS and Pivotal Tracker for project tracking

May 2003 - Jan 2009   Children's Hospital, Boston MA
Senior Business Intelligence Developer
Developed data extracts and reports for a large number of users and departments using Business Objects, Crystal Reports with Oracle and SQL Server databases. Used Cold Fusion to voluntarily write a 'Wikipedia' like "CDD" (Common Data Dictionary) internal application for the group with an Oracle backend. Created a number of applications and reporting solutions in a number of different projects with a diverse cross-section of users and opinions, often working behind the scenes to resolve key issues.
Ran a Data Quality Group with a variety of Hospital users at various management levels to identify and resolve complex Data Quality Issues.
I was headhunted into this position by a former colleague, as I wasn't looking for a new job at that time.

June 2002 - May 2003  Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, Lincoln MA
Lead Developer
Created, modified and maintained Cold Fusion Applications using Cold Fusion 5.0 and SQL server 2000. Designed and coded new Bug Tracking application to track all bugs and enhancements.

Sep 2000 - October 2001  Brandstamp, Cambridge Innovations, Cambridge MA
Created Oracle 8i PL/SQL based Cold Fusion Applications to merge data and create email campaign applications.


2013, September. Passed Linux Certification at level I.
2013, August. Rails TDD, Rspec and Capybara at Thoughtbot Workshop
2013, January. Python, Code Academy
2012, December. Code Year, Code Academy
2012, May. Functions, conditionals and primitives in Javascript: Code Academy
2011, December. Rails best practices, Code School
2010, November. Ruby Group Meetups
2010, September. Personal Rails App 1-6 with Ubuntu and mySQL
2010, May. Switch to Linux(Ubuntu) from Windows (3 new machines, etc.)
Degree: B.Sc. (Hons) Business Information Technology Studies, Manchester University, UK


I am continually reading new books and learning new techniques and languages and I go to several local meetups each month. I maintain a bookmarks library (A Rails app of course!) of scripts, examples, code & organizations


Antique car restoration (1956 Buick), extreme skiing, Bonsai cultivation, world travel, Ruby.